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Declaration of civil disobedience

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The declaration

Dear Ministers, members of scientific councils, ministers-presidents and other decisionmakers,

The present letter informs you that we did not, do not and will not comply with your decisions.

Alice Magos

We will not comply because we need to breathe freely, without mask, and without fear.

We need, more than ever, to be close to our parents, grand-parents, relatives, to kiss and hug our children and grand-children, to embrace and support our brothers, sisters and friends.

We will not stop our singing, shouting, laughing and loving. We will disobey because we will never accept that you should outlaw as dangerous the simple joys of life, meeting friends, celebrating as a family, attending a cultural event.

We are committed not to endanger the lives of others; on the contrary, we respect and apply basic rules of hygiene, we will boost our collective immunity without giving in to anxiety, which, as you know, is detrimental to our health and the health of others.

We will go on looking after our ‘vulnerable’ relatives, our elders, and prevent them from dying in and out of solitude. We will also prevent violence within the family circle, whether physical, moral or psychological.

We will show our faces to our new-born babies.

We have decided to disobey because we live near people who are anxious in front of this ‘new’ disease, and sometimes have been personally affected and have had loved ones contaminated. We respect our neighbours and fully understand their legitimate dismay.

But we will not die because we are afraid of living. We will advocate dialogue, and common sense. We are aware that many are beset by doubts and have transgressed some prohibitions. Only through such side steps can we hope to survive. All the more so as the most blatant offences are yours in the first place.

We will disobey because we cannot stand your inconsistencies, your lies, your lack of empathy, your intolerance, your censorship ând your refusal to answer legitimate questions or to open to a democratic debate.

When the government treats its population like irresponsible children and leads our hairdressers, artists, artisans, students and shopkeepers to bankruptcy and suicide!

When this same government delivers moral lectures as though it was our saviour whereas it has undermined our public services, has squeezed the health and care sector dry through decdes of fiscal cuts (and a year of health crisis has not improved matters).

While the government claims it has the situation under control, we cannot help having doubts: where were you when you should have acted against causes of disease such as pollutants that attack our lungs, junk food that eats up our immune system, harassing work to bring in dividends for shareholders, connected screens and toys that prevent us from thinking? Can you now claim that you care for the common good?

We will disobey because we do not believe in expensive medicines branded by competing multinational pharmaceutical companies that have hedged the risks of possible side effects of vaccines that the government presents as perfectly harmless while confessing it does not even know whether they provide an effective protection.

We reject the arrogance of those who manage a new disease through prohibitions and ban any alternative while there is no real debate and censorship is obvious.

We think that listening to other views especially they rest on the experience of care workers on the field, using cheap old remedies, independent thinking and public debate would make it possible to anticipate future developments of the disease, and indeed to ‘save lives’ and avoid ‘collateral damages’, to use the war vocabulary some of you seem to appreciate. We know that there is a 99% likelihood that we will die of cancer, of a cardioor cerebrovascular disease, or perhaps even of old age, rather than because of this virus.

Let us remember what Albert Jacquard, this great humanist, genetician and biologist who died in 2013 of a leukemia, repeated throughout his life: I am the bonds I weave with others. The others are not our hell because they are other; they only create our hell if they refuse to relate to us’.

So we will disobey so as ot to be contaminated by your hell, your muzzles, your prohibitions and your fear-mongering discourse duly relayed by mainstream media. We will disobey so that the world of tomorrow not be worse that the world of yesterday, that it be fair and decent, respectuous of our earth and all living creatures.

We call upon a boycott of those who despise us and cut into our livelihoods. We very much wish that disobedience will be catching for us all to become aware of our healing power. For us to decide together on our common future, through measures decided in accordance with democratic rights and institutions, and not through emergency measures.

If money and power are drving you, we are driven by human rights and the common good.

To quote Frédéric Gros, ‘If you obey like machines, then disobeying is an act of humanity’

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Who we are ?

The present declaration was drafted on an initiative by Annie Thonon, retired director on the Belgian public broadcasting station RTBF, and Alexandre Penasse, journalist for Kairos magazine. The objective is to give more visibility to those who resist the anti-covid policies implemented by our governments and infringeing human rights. The declaration was first circulated in a limited circle, which brought in the support of one hundred people from all sorts of backgrounds (their names are listed below). We hope to break through the apparent unanimity that transpores from mainstream media but also to initaite debates and solidarity. As every signatory states her or his co-responsibility, we all defend each other.

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